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General Motor Diets

General Motor Diets AKA GM Diet is the diet schedules especially designed for GM workers to reduce their weight up to 5 kg to 7 kgs in a week.  Without any dieting crash, it is not that much costly. The Indian version of GM diet does not vary too much from the western or the original version to suit our consumers. We have prepared vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet plans for a week.


  • Day 1: Drink water at least 8-10 glass of water every day and eat all variety of fruits except banana.
  • Day 2: Have 1 large boiled for breakfast.
  • Day 3: The combination of fruits and vegetables. No potatoes and banana for the rest of the day.
  • Day 4:  On day 4 you can have skimmed milk and bananas.
  • Day 5: Brown rice and vegetables, tomatoes and curd. For non-vegetarian you can eat 500g of chicken.
  • Day 6:  Brown rice and vegetable. No potatoes for the rest of the day. For non-vegetarian you can eat chicken eggs and meat on this day.
  • Day 7: Feast day you can brown rice, fruit juice, and vegetables.

Guidelines to follow GM Diet

  •  Do not drink Alcohol.
  •  Drink enough water.
  •  You can take 3-5 days break before you start another diet chart.
  •  Pregnant women should not follow this diet plan.
  •  Do not perform the heavy workout


The use of organic products in this eating schedule gives the body fiber that guides absorption and keeps you from feeling hungry quick. Vegetables are pressed with basic vitamins and guarantee your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Dark colored rice is a baffling sugar that is low in fat. Protein as a chicken is low on fat and vitality rich that helps back strengthening. Also, protein expands the metabolic rate and consumes more fat. The eating regimen doesn’t restrict the measure of sustenance you can eat, concentrating on constraining what you can and can’t eat.

This, alongside the constant little dinners and expanded water consumption, flushes poisons and prompts fat misfortune.Strength building exercise also helps in to maintain the good health of the person. You should always do exercise with the proper planning diet.

Some Pros and Cons
People who are in their first long periods of the GM eating routine may encounter migraines and discomfort, as they are still on the way toward becoming habitual to the eating routine.

Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else

These have a tendency to be psychosomatic which need to withstand keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish their eating routine objectives. Following the plan in a consecutive and ordered way, skipping days and undermining the nourishment admission may come about to the insufficiency of the eating routine.

Supplementing the eating routine with appropriate exercise, rest and water consumption. By supporting the body frame with general exercise, water admission and rest, the body would have the capacity to change in accordance with the eating routine settings at a speedy way and stay away from routine symptoms. It would likewise prompt better impacts and less demanding upkeep methods.

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