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How to shirk the Pushover

Food temptation is everywhere when you reach home on vacation or festivals to the barbeques in summers, these are the endless temptations which excites the world of foodies. At these events, there is one thing common that is at every party there one or more than one food pushovers. They are the one who will sabotage your diet plans. The best way to shirk is them is to say “NO Thanks”. Some of the common pushes we hear on general basis are

  • Push: It’s your favorite
  • Response —-I think I have an overdose it.
  • Push: let’s have another drink
  • Response—-I have to drive.
  • Push: there is much left over. We have to finish it. Let’s take some
  • Response—-I think you can use it tomorrow.
  • Push: If a pusher puts an extra food on your plate without asking.
  • Response—-Slide it around the corner of your plate as a kid and make it look like that you have tried it.
  • Push: it is only one bite it not going to kill.
  • Response—-Once I start I can’t be stopped.
  • Push: Your bones need more meat on them.
  • Response—-I m in no danger be assured.
  • Push: Do try my dish. Or I have to force it on you
  • Response—-I don’t like. I am sorry.
  • Push: This dish is my favorite and you will love it.
  • Response—-I have already tried it it’s so delicious.

These are some of the basic lines that you can use on the food pushers to save yourselves from the extra diet that you have bear because of them. But you need to keep in mind that you do not heart their feeling and say no to food pushovers. For this you need

Aware people about their actions
Make them think what they are doing while pushing food to you. By taking to them in non-contradiction way so they might not feel offended. By the action, you are taking against those pushovers.


Don’t hold yourself
If a person does not support your action for diving into a new lifestyle they may be missing an activity that you are not able to share with them.

Be Humble
A few people throughout your life may not genuinely support your venture or attempt. Maybe the prospect of you prevailing at your objectives influences them to feel undermined or lacking. In case you can’t resolve the issue, don’t give it a chance to keep you down. Spotlight rather on looking for the help you require from different sources.

Must practice!
There are chances that you battle to stick to your solid tendency in specific circumstances, take some time in front of the occasion to envision what it will resemble, being as particular as could be expected under the circumstances. Say No to food pushovers.
Food pushers likely aren’t intentionally disrupting your diet, so pause for a moment to enable them to understand your requirements. By doing this they may understand your effort to take a proper diet and maintaining good health.

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